Dark Raintree Super Spirals (Pair)

Dark Raintree Super Spirals (Pair)

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Native to Central and South America Raintree also grows in tropical areas of South East Asia where it is used for carvings and musical instrument making.

Our ear gauges are carefully hand sanded and hand polished to a beautiful smooth finish making them easy to put in and remove from your piercings.

Organics drastically reduce ear grunge and odor normally associated with wearing metal and plastic jewelry which in turn greatly reduces the need to clean jewelry and piercings as often.

All measurements are approximates

The 0g spirals measure 51mm in diameter
The 00g spirals measure 59mm in diameter
The 7/16" spirals measure 61mm in diameter
The 13mm spirals measure 61mm in diameter
The 9/16" spirals measure 67mm in diameter
The 5/8" spirals measure 72mm in diameter
The 3/4" spirals measure 77mm in diameter
The 7/8" and 15/16" spirals measure 84mm in diameter
The 26mm spirals measure 84mm in diameter

***These Gauges are priced and sold as pairs***