Did you know body jewelry gauges are called different names in different countries?

Yep – absolutely they are.

With our physical store being located in Thailand people from all over the world visit us regularly to buy gauges and the variety of names they call them is endless.

Believe it not if you ask a Dutch person what gauge size they are you may just as well say what size are your yellow gages!  Because they will not get it!

In Holland people refer to organic plugs as Tunnels or Piercings. Ask a Dutch person what size piercings they have and you are instantly understood.

American body jewelry aficionados prefer the terms plugs or gauges and for tunnels eartunnels, flesh tunnels or tunnel gauges.

And for the UK – stretchers, body jewellery, gauging, plug earrings and gauge earrings.

So what about our Russian friends from Moscow – Anastasiya prefers earplugs, piercing plugs or piercing tunnels.



Surprisingly Germans and Australians located half way around the world from each other use similar terms such as industrial piercing, size gauges, piercing gauges, septum gauges, plugs and tunnels.

So a pair of lobe plugs for example has 8 or 10 different names depending on which country you hail from. And as new designs and new piercing types come along the terms for each of these develop in turn. Names like saddle plugs which was pretty much the standard 15 years ago for double flared plugs has disappeared almost entirely.

What will plugs be called in Spain or Poland next year? Who knows - but check back with us we will keep you updated!