Blood Wood Septum Pincher

Blood Wood Septum Pincher

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Blood Wood Pinchers can be worn in the septum, helix, daith, rook etc and can be made in a multitude of dimensions. If you would like a custom width and length let us know and we will hand carve them to your measurements.

How to measure Pinchers ::

Diameter is measure across the pincher inside edge to inside edge.

Length is measured from top to bottom, from the very top to the very bottom.

Insertion Gap is measured between the tips.

Pinchers come in various lengths measured top to bottom. Our standard lengths are 13mm, 16mm and 20mm, please let us know which length you prefer.

If we do not hear from you we ship the most popular length 15mm. You can also request custom lengths, just let us which length you prefer in the box provided during checkout.

Blood Wood is native to South America but is now grown extensively throughout the South Pacific and SE Asia. The heart wood is strong and dense and polishes to a fine luster.

Our ear gauges are carefully hand sanded and hand polished to a beautiful smooth finish making them easy to put in and remove from your piercings.

Organics drastically reduce ear grunge and odor normally associated with wearing metal and plastic jewelry which in turn greatly reduces the need to clean jewelry and piercings as often.

***Septum Pinchers are sold as Singles***