Dark Raintree Stash Plugs (Pair)

Dark Raintree Stash Plugs (Pair)

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Hollow plugs with removable top to store small personal items, the top piece fits so snuggly nobody could ever tell they are hollow inside!

Native to Central and South America Raintree also grows in tropical areas of South East Asia where it is used for carvings and musical instrument making.

Organics drastically reduce ear grunge and odor normally associated with wearing metal and plastic jewelry which in turn greatly reduces the need to clean jewelry and piercings as often.

Our standard wearable area measures 3/8" [9mm] and overall plug length is 1/2" [13mm]

If you prefer them made for thinner or thicker ear lobes please message us when ordering.

They come with average size flares 1-2mm larger than the gauge size, if you prefer smaller or larger flares let us know.

Any other custom requirements at all just message us and we'll be more than happy to accommodate.

Our ear gauges are carefully hand sanded and hand polished to a beautiful smooth finish making them easy to put in and remove from your piercings.

All of the organic materials we use have been tested by us to ensure they are safe to wear and no toxicity is present.

***Our Plugs are priced and sold as pairs***