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Dark Raintree Tall Teardrop Plugs with Abalone Shell (Pair)

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Natural New Zealand Abalone Shell looks stunning in these Dark Raintree tall teardrop plugs. The inlays are painstakingly hand set into the plugs with special care being taken to be sure the edges are smooth and the shell inlays fit precisely.

New Zealand Abalone shell is farmed, it is never taken from nature. Looks incredible in the sunlight, a truly unique organic material.

Tall teardrop plugs resemble the shape of a natural raindrop or teardrop and allow the lobes to lay flatter when compared to round plugs.

Organics drastically reduce ear grunge and odor normally associated with wearing metal and plastic jewelry which in turn reduces the need to clean jewelry and piercings anywhere near as often.

***Our Plugs are priced and sold as pairs***