Vintage Dark Raintree Plugs with Pride Peace Sign (Pair)

Vintage Dark Raintree Plugs with Pride Peace Sign (Pair)

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We hand made these picture plugs more than 15 years ago and they have been in stock all of this time, they are brand new, have never been worn. The Star shape is first carved into the plug and then the design was filled with artist’s enamel hardened with calcium powder. I guess you could call them collectable as retro plugs like these are no longer made using this technique.

This is the last of our stock and are for immediate delivery, available in the sizes listed only, we won’t be making these again.

Reversible plugs can be worn with the logo showing or in reverse with the plain wood showing.

All of the organic materials we use have been tested by us to ensure they are safe to wear and no toxicity is present.

Native to Central and South America Raintree also grows in tropical areas of South East Asia where it is used for carvings and musical instrument making.

Organics drastically reduce ear grunge and odor normally associated with wearing metal and plastic jewelry which in turn reduces the need to clean jewelry and piercings anywhere near as often.

***Our Plugs are priced and sold as pairs***